The Spy Who Loved Me

In 1977 the tenth James Bond film was released in cinemas.

The Spy Who Loved Me was one of the best Bond films made – that’s certainly what Alan Partridge seems to think 🙂

It had Roger Moore, a 7ft tall villain with metal teeth, a great soundtrack and gadgets galore!

The most memorable gadget of the film was, without doubt, the white, Lotus Esprit car.

At the time, the car was revolutionary and it’s certain that the film helped to save the Lotus car company.

But what was so special about this car?  Well, for those of you who haven’t seen the film – the car turned into a submarine when it drove into the water.

That may not seem anything special by today’s film standards, with their CGI effects that can make whole cities look they’re exploding, but in the 1970s it was truly amazing.  Especially if you were a 5 year old boy, like me!

So, for this year’s Paddle Round The Pier festival in Brighton, I’ve decided to build my on Lotus Esprit Submarine raft.

In true Top Gear style, I have given it a pun name …. ladies and gentlemen, I give you The FLOTUS!



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