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Nobody Does It Wetter!

After some last-minute frantic building and adjustments to the Flotus raft on Brighton beach this Sunday, Pam and I set sail on our maiden voyage when we took part in Paddle Round The Pier 2011. UPDATE 25 AUG 2011: Watch the video here! 🙂 The weather was glorious and there were plenty of rafters who … Continue reading

Flotus is taking shape

As this weekend was lovely and sunny it meant that work on the FLOTUS could move on a stage further. With the sun beating down though, the reflection from the white correx board was really intense.  It was impossible to look at it without very dark sunglasses!  I don’t know why I chose to make … Continue reading

About Team Flotus

In 2010 I built a Gentlemen’s Drinking Club raft for the Paddle Round The Pier festival in Brighton. This year I’ve decided to build a raft that’s a replica of the Lotus Esprit Submarine car from the 1977James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. In true Top Gear style, I have given it a … Continue reading