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About Team Flotus

In 2010 I built a Gentlemen’s Drinking Club raft for the Paddle Round The Pier festival in Brighton.

This year I’ve decided to build a raft that’s a replica of the Lotus Esprit Submarine car from the 1977James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

In true Top Gear style, I have given it a pun name …. ladies and gentlemen, I give you The FLOTUS!

But the raft isn’t just for the Paddle Round The Pier festival.  I’m planning to take part in a number of silly raft races in the UK this summer and raise money for the very worthy charity, the RNLI.  They’re the people who run the lifeboats and save lives around the UK coast.

Astonishly, the lifeboats are manned by voluntary lifeboat crew and they rely entirely on donations from the public. They receive no government funding at all.

So, dig down the back of the sofa for any loose change – or just don’t waste your money on voting or X Factor or any crap TV shows and put that money to good use and donate it to the RNLI! 🙂

You can sponsor me here – http://www.justgiving.com/flotus/



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